why do I have to pay for copy write release?

Contrary to what most soon-to-be-newlyweds may think, the wedding videographer owns the legal copyright to the wedding videos they take. This can be disappointing news since many newlyweds would prefer to be able to do whatever they want with their wedding videos: upload them to Facebook, make a Flipgram to send to Grandma, or even adjust the colors on Videoshop.

Under federal law

Under federal law, your wedding videographer has the sole right to copy and distribute the videos they took, including the right to sell the videos, to publish the videos in any form, and to reproduce the videos either electronically or in a printed hardcopy version. And even more importantly, copyrighted material cannot be reproduced or copied without permission from the videographer.

In the United States, when the videos/video are taken then the videographer owns the copyright to the videos/videos. The copyright owner (videographer) has the right to control a list of things, including: (a) who gets to copy the videos, (b) who gets to make derivative works of the videos (such as a painting based on a photo), (c) who gets to sell copies of the videos, and (d) who gets to display the videos publicly. It is more customary now that you can pay an extra fee to the photography to buy a copyright license (i.e, permission to do one of the things in (a) through (d)). Usually that license is just for the right to reprint the videos (i.e., use the videos for personal use, such as on Christmas cards or in a wedding photo book). The reason for this fee is that the photographer will lose out on the money that you would have paid her for the prints. Since one of the rights of the photographer is to sell copies and another right is to publicly display the videos, the couple and the photographer can also negotiate how the videographer will be limited in these activities. For a fee, the couple is purchasing those rights (and not just a license) away from the videographer.

If we were interested, could we receive our raw footage?

Yes, raw footage is available as a separate contract. What exactly is “raw footage” ?  Well, raw footage is the completely untouched individual video and audio clips straight from our cameras and audio equipment. We will provide this to clients on a high-capacity external hard drive as the files for your wedding are often upwards of 100 GB+. Raw footage, which is copy write protected due to our creative way of filming, there for to receive the footage there is an additional charge.

What is the booking process?

After filling out our handy dandy contact form, we’ll e-mail you back and get the ball rolling. We’ll usually try and schedule a phone or Facetime/Google Hangout/Skype meeting so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t book everyone who wants to book us. Since this is not our full-time job, but, rather, something we do for fun (and ‘cause we love it), we are selective on who we book. If we don’t feel like everything is jiving between us, we might suggest to you a few other videographers to contact.

how log does it take to get my wedding film?

Delivery of your final product is approximately 8-10 weeks from your wedding day. When we leave your wedding, we are brimming with excitement over your footage.  It usually takes us about 8-10 weeks to finish a highlight reel (depending on our editing schedule). We pride ourselves on being perfectionists and making sure we give you the best video possible.

Why do I have to wait 8-10 weeks for the final delivery of my Wedding Film?

We put a tremendous amount of effort into our work and take great pride in making them perfect wedding film for you. We could just throw the clips together and give them to you... but that's not why you booked us!

Here's a quick list of the steps we have to take for each video clip we have to complete while processing your video.

  • Media Trans-coding
  • Media Import
  • Tagging and organizing footage from multiple cameras
  • Planning
  • Cutting/Editing
  • Plugins/Overlays/Dynamic elements
  • Syncing multiple (at least 3) sources of audio
  • Review & Corrections
  • Color Grading & Stylizing (as seen in the video below)
  • Export for DVD/Blu-ray and digital HD files
  • Testing
  • Interactive DVD/Blu-ray menu design & creation
  • DVD/Blu-ray label creation and application (for DVDs and cases)
  • DVD/Blu-ray Burning/Testing

how are payments set up?

1/2 Payment retainer due on signing contract to secure your event date

1/2 Payment due 30 days prior to the event date.

Do You Shoot in HD?

We shoot in full 1080p.  You can upgrade your footage to 4k for an additional charge.

How long are the ceremony and reception edits?

Ceremony edits are usually around 15-20 minutes, which is all depending on the length of your ceremony.  Reception edits depend on how many wedding activities you have at your reception and the length of them.


for any other questions, please contact us through email or by phone.