Commercial production means moving quickly and doing it right. Whether you’re needing a :15 spot for a YouTube pre-roll ad or a Television commercial, having limited time to connect with your audience and getting them to take action comes down to having the right plan to execute. Having the experience to bring everything together and someone to tell your story in a very short time frame will prove valuable beyond the budget. Commercials require a level of talent to pull off the creative in a short and demanding schedule. We have experienced producers who can take your project from conception to completion with or without a creative agency.

Our goal is simple: capture the emotion and story one day in the most moving way possible. This means not only capturing the events of the day, but capturing them in a way that utilizes the best possible movement, angles, and lighting. We are young yet experienced filmmakers that consistently deliver innovative, fresh, and clean wedding cinema.We will get shots of your venue and the surrounding area to include in your video, so people watching it will be able to see the location and your venue. We can get this footage basically anytime, not just on the wedding day — so there is no time constraint and if the weather is bad, we can get it another time! 


tiffany & david

This joyous occasion is just the beginning; as the years go past, never forgetting the girl or boy that you married.  Time changes but underneath is the person you fell in love with; and because this is the start, may your pathway be forever smoothed by love., laughter, happy memories, a few tears and the knowledge that only you can make it work



Its a proven fact that the happiest people in the world are people that have a life that is rich in celebration, rich in tradition and full of memories. Today, farheen and imran added another amazing occasion to their bank of memories of which they will take forward in life and treasure forever.



Sometimes a person may unexpectedly walk into our lives and make us fall in love. We then suddenly find ourselves deciding whether we should pursue this marvellous feeling and take a leap of faith or simply do nothing and let it go. What if you have to decide now? What if love can no longer wait?


ryan quinn pro-am drift documentary 

Ryan Quinn, an up-and-coming Pro-Am Drift heavy hitter talks about his experiences in the drift community, his faith, and his passion for drifting. 

Filmed and Edited by Rincon Film Productions.


the hunt

The 2018 48-Hour Film Festival Winner (Gainesville, FL) 

TEAM SAKIB production

Brian Sandusky Director, Maria Cuesta Acting Coordinator, Lee Wittier Camera Operator,David Shyrock Chief Editor, Bobby Waite Team Chef

Written by Team Sakib

Special Thanks to Miguel Bekkevold for facilitating the post production process.



Zip Car/Enactus/Grace Marketplace commercial



a better place

A Film Noir set in the 1930's. A gangster reflecting on recent events.
Lee Whittier
Dominic Goldberg
Written, Filmed and Edited by:
David Shyrock (Rincon Film Productions)
Music: Max Payne - Main Theme (Ansia Orchestra Cover)


into the black

Into the Black follows Ashley Hart, a veteran horse jumper with multiple High Point wins throughout her career.  In this documentary, we reach out to aspiring newcomers to the sport of Eventing an try to shed light on what goes into this elegant and magnificent program. 

A special thank you to the ESoundtrax.com for providing the music royalty free.  A special thank you to Brie Seltser and the SilverStride Equestrian Center for training Ashely and allowing us to film on location.


lisa & lonnie

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